Sign and Symptoms Of Pes Anserine Bursitis You Need to know

Sign and Symptoms Of Pes Anserine Bursitis You Need to know

As in the early discussed articles it has been shown off that it is the inflammation of bursa of knee. So notwithstanding anything related to the inflammation of tissues all other inflammation of joint and bones are related to this topic. Because other inflammation include first, then second, third and fourth line of defense against invaders like bacteria, virus and protozoa mostly. But In this case body own immune system tends to eat the body own joint. But it should be clear that it is different from arthritis. So here are discussed about the symptoms.

  •  Common symptoms of pes anserine bursitis are swelling, pain, tenderness often followed by redness and warmth to the tough.
  • It must be noted that pain could occur while walking and being stationary, is the pet symptoms of pes anserine bursitis.
  • So incase if u have knee pain, then it could be due to bursitis.
  • It is often said by some orthopedist that symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Some patient feels pain but some do not. And in some patient the welling is more and paint is not present but in some without swelling but worst pain exists.  Effective area becomes hot at the time of tenderness.
  • The difference between other inflammatory brusits and pes anserine bursitis is of severity and location of symptoms.

Case study

There is a case study of a person having pes anserine bursitis. A 32 year young male, Asif Mehmood of 134kg weight decided to lose his body weight. He started gym and jogging. Every day he did some hard core exercises to lose weight. One morning after extensive jogging he felt sharp inner pain of knee. The paint began to worse more and more. On that day he did some massage of his knee with methyl salicylate ointment. After massage there was a mild relief of pain. Doctor Faran RPH has prescribed diclofenac sodium injection. After injecting intra muscularly the pain got better and disappears. The next morning the paint was sever enough that He could not go to his office. The doctor has checked his knee properly. Doctor Faran has done special test on the tendons and muscles around the knee, and had found that his hamstrings (back of thigh) muscles were very tight and his quadriceps(front of thigh) muscle were weak.  His knee was tender to touch and mildly swollen 2 to 3 inches below the knee joint on the inner side of the leg, where the pes anserine bursa is diagnosed.

Doctor Faran recommend him to do some gentle exercises and placed some ice on the affected area.  Within a week while doing gentle exercises and putting gentle compression his paint get relief. Finally the Doctor Faran recommend him not to do exercises at extreme level, as he had a great weight and sudden burden on the knee could result in tendon rupture and worsening of the symptoms. By using Soft heel shoes, regular massage and other guidelines recommended by the doctor now Asif mehmood is totally fine and weight has now reduced top 88kg.

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